Erasmus+ Sport

Erasmus+ actions in the field of sport promote participation in sport, physical activity and voluntary activities. They are designed to tackle societal and sport-related challenges.

So far organizations from non-associated (partner) countries can participate in only one action: Cooperation Partnerships

This action is designed for organizations to develop and implement joint activities to promote (among others) sport and physical activity, as well as deal with threats to the integrity of sport (such as doping or match-fixing), promote dual careers for athletes, improve good governance, and foster tolerance and social inclusion. Partner country organizations can participate only in well justified cases.

Cooperation Partnerships are designed to promote the creation and development of European networks in the field of sport. This opportunity can include activities such as

  • networking among key stakeholders
  • development, identification, promotion and exchange of best practices
  • preparation, development, and implementation of education and training modules and tools
  • increasing the skills of multipliers
  • developing monitoring and benchmarking of indicators
  • raising awareness of the added value of sport and physical activity
  • promoting synergies between sport, health, education, training, and youth
  • improving the evidence-base for sport
  • organizing conferences, seminars, events and meetings

Results should be re-usable, transferable, up-scalable and, if possible, cover multiple disciplines. Projects will be expected to share their results from local to transnational levels.

Who can apply

A Cooperation Partnership includes at least 3 different organizations from 3 different Programme Countries.


Any participating organization established in a Programme Country can apply for a Cooperation Partnership. This organization applies on behalf of all participating organizations involved in the project.

Other participants

Any public or private organization, established in a Programme Country or in any Partner Country of the world can participate. Organizations in Partner Countries cannot participate as project coordinators but can be part of a project (the Programme Guide sets out specific conditions).

Related policies

Cooperation Partnerships are connected to the Erasmus+ programme’s overall priorities as well as 4 sport-specific priorities.

Horizontal priorities in Erasmus+

  • inclusion and diversity in sport
  • environment and fight against climate change
  • addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity
  • common values, civic engagement and participation

Sport-specific priorities

  • encouraging the participation in sport and physical activity
  • promoting integrity and values in sport
  • promoting education in and through sport
  • combating violence and tackling racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport and tackling violent radicalisation

Find out more

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is the main source of information on Cooperation Partnerships. It contains all information about the eligibility, priorities, award criteria, funding rules and more.