NEO Publication

NEO Publication

Exciting developments are underway as the Erasmus+ National Office resumes its operations, with the aim of fully utilising the potential opportunities within the Erasmus+ program. The objectives of our office align with the principles of the EU, emphasizing equal opportunities for all. Committed to this vision, we are actively disseminating information and encouraging participation from institutions across diverse backgrounds and locations.

A recent study, the EU "Feasibility Study to Assess Georgia’s Participation in the Erasmus+ Programme," has identified key areas requiring attention for Georgia to achieve association status, specifically in elevating participation in vocational education, youth, sports, and school activities. While larger universities are doing well, our focus has shifted towards fostering increased involvement from less experienced universities.

One of our primary initiatives involves conducting "info days," starting from regional universities, engaging with local communities, and disseminating important information about Erasmus+. Additionally, we are always eager to participate in international events, such as the meeting in Brussels with National Erasmus+ Offices from other countries to support new collaborations.

These collective efforts have not only inspired new ideas for future events but also strengthened our commitment to fostering collaboration both locally and internationally. We will keep you informed about these developments gradually. The Erasmus+ National Office is ready to collaborate, address challenges, and ensure that every interested party has an equal opportunity. Each application received brings us a step closer to the European Educational Area.

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